I would like to offer up the orange flavored Hostess cupcake. This delicious snack cake is all the proof you need that humans have achieved greatness. For maximum enjoyment one should peel the "frosting" part off the top and eat it in one bite. Then the remaining cake can be eaten. » 9/02/14 2:45pm Today 2:45pm

All of them. Peppers and onions sauteed. Eggplant and tomatoes sliced, grilled and topped with cheese. Asparagus soaked in olive oil and garlic then grilled. Stuffed mushrooms. Olives, black or green. Vegetables are the best complement to a meat dish, but can often stand on their own. » 9/01/14 12:25pm Yesterday 12:25pm

Has Spiderwoman traditionally been more sexualized than other female heroes? I don't think that an argument based on "That's the way it has always been." holds much weight in my opinion. The outrage is justified because the comic industry has been taking steps in the right direction and this cover is a leap the… » 8/31/14 9:09pm Sunday 9:09pm

The Doctor's extreme hatred of the Daleks was really tied in to what happened in the Time War. The Dalek threat forced him to sacrifice his own race in order to stop them. In that light his feelings seemed justified, but that should have changed after the events of The Day of the Doctor. Without the loss of Gallifrey… » 8/30/14 7:19pm Saturday 7:19pm