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Original Star Wars Blu Ray?!

Comicbook.com is reporting that their sources say Disney will release the original, uncut, un-CGIed versions of the Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray. The when is still a little up in the air, but who cares really. The theatrical versions of the first three movies are the Holy Grail for Star Wars fans. No longer will… » 8/16/14 5:25pm Saturday 5:25pm

The Beginner's Guide To Roleplaying Games: Part 2

Today we will be talking about a key aspect of roleplaying games: character creation. I had originally written a long post that went into detail about ability scores and saving throws and all kinds of other RPG brick-a-brack, but I scrapped it in favor of this post. Do you know why? Because creating a character is… » 8/11/14 6:00pm 8/11/14 6:00pm

Looks Like SHIELD Missed One

I know it's not easy for Cap, Coulson, Fury and Black Widow to root out every single HYDRA operation, but you think they would have already got this one. For a secret organization, HYDRA sure did a poor job of hiding this facility. It's right off the highway and has a sign pointing right to it. Even Hawkeye could have… » 8/08/14 1:41am 8/08/14 1:41am

Story Time: What's Your Favorite Miniature?

We all know that tabletop RPGs have their roots in miniature war games. These games pitted armies of lead figures against each other in battle. While the scope of RPGs was changed to focus on individual characters instead of armies, one element that remained was the use of lead figures. These figures were available to… » 8/07/14 7:42pm 8/07/14 7:42pm

How To Elevate Discussion In The Comments

We've all read some really great comments on stories published throughout the Gawker family of blogs. Comments that are funny, comments that are touching and comments that make you reevaluate the way you think about things. Then there are the comments that make you want to burn down the internet. These comments… » 7/18/14 1:46pm 7/18/14 1:46pm

Kacy Catanzaro Makes History on American Ninja Warrior

This is off-topic but it's great. We might need to amend io9's list of Greatest Female Samurai and Ninjas to include Kacy Catanzaro. She became the first women to ever qualify for the final stage of American Ninja Warrior known as Mt. Midoriyama. Catanzaro made history with every obstacle she completed during the… » 7/15/14 11:42pm 7/15/14 11:42pm

The Beginner's Guide To Roleplaying Games: Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of our Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying Games. We will be discussing the premise of RPGs, some history of RPGs and also the different genres of RPGs that are available. There will also be a discussion about some of the supplies you will need to play an RPG including the different types of dice used. » 7/10/14 1:30pm 7/10/14 1:30pm

The Beginners Guide to Roleplaying Games: Intro

There was a post on The Mary Sue that featured the dice shaming meme and a commenter had a great idea. They mentioned that they are becoming more interested in tabletop games and would appreciate someone writing an intro for potential new players. There's no way to write that for The Mary Sue, but it can be written… » 7/08/14 12:37pm 7/08/14 12:37pm

5th Edition D and D Basic Rules Overview

The Basic Rules for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons were released on July 3rd. The 110-page free download contains enough information to start up a basic adventure. It mostly appears that the development team has rolled a lot of rules back to the way they were in the 3rd Edition, but there were some places where… » 7/06/14 7:00pm 7/06/14 7:00pm

Is Abed A Good DM: 2nd Edition

For "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", the tenth episode of the 5th (but not final) season of Community, the show revisited Dungeons & Dragons. Just like in the first episode, playing the tabletop RPG was used as a means to solve a problem. In this case the Save Greendale Committee used the game to try to restore… » 7/02/14 5:11pm 7/02/14 5:11pm